Meet the Artist

“If I can paint people, then I know I can paint landscapes, ocean scenery, fantasy art, and still life. If I’m determined enough, nothing can stop me. If I face a challenge, I find a solution. When I was younger, painting from my imagination was my greatest fear. I didn’t think I could do it. When I began painting murals, I discovered that the need for me to stretch my imagination was unavoidable. When a client asks for a specific scene, I need to be prepared. My murals have helped me overcome my fears by forcing me out of my comfort zone.”

Andrea Kirk is a professional artist, illustrator and active YouTuber who has always had a passion for the arts. She specializes in oils; painting portraiture, large wall murals, fantasy art, landscapes, animals, etc. She has studied art throughout her life, receiving the “Sterling Scholar Award” for art at Spanish Fork High School, and graduating with High Honors. She then furthered her education by pursuing her studies through scholarship at Utah Valley University. She has illustrated three published children’s books: “No One is More Wonderful Than You Are” by Nita Epoc, as well as, “Santa’s New Job” and “Beating the Bully”, by Michael J. McLelland.

Along with illustrating Children’s books, Andrea has completed several commissioned jobs, painting portraiture and large wall murals for clients. The human subjects she paints reflect the style of “Norman Rockwell”, capturing emotion and expression with every character. She also enjoys painting still life. The more reflective an object, the better! Andrea challenges herself by experimenting with multiple subjects and scenery; never limiting herself to just “one” style.

In addition to painting, Andrea has taught private lessons to hundreds of children of all ages over the past 15 years. Many of her students have also pursued art, receiving multiple awards in the Reflections Program and local art shows, as well as winning the “Sterling Scholar Award” for art.

As passionate as she is about art, Andrea also has a fulfilling life beyond her work. She is a wife of seventeen years to an amazing husband, and mother to four beautiful children, ages six to fifteen. She enjoys traveling, boating, wakeboarding, hiking, exercising, gardening, cooking and spending quality time with her family. While attending the art program at UVU, she grew to love a quote by the famous Bliss Carman, given to her by one of her favorite art professors, who later passed away. She has since, applied this quote to every aspect of her life…

“Set me a task in which I can put something of my very self, and it is a task no longer; it is joy, it is art.”
– Bliss Carman