“Peony Bliss” Prints

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Fine Art Prints available of “Peony Bliss” for purchase in a wide variety of sizes and framing options. A close up of a most loved flower. Peonies are beautiful full and lush with round blooms and they embody romance, prosperity and compassion. They are known for their symbolism of riches and honor. It is the state flower of Indiana, a traditional floral symbol of China and is considered a good omen for fortune and a happy marriage. It is the 12th wedding anniversary flower.

This gorgeous painting makes a statement in a dining room, formal sitting area, or even displayed above the bed in the master bedroom.


I love gardening, and look forward to each spring when my giant Peonies begin to bloom. I began taking photos of them, and fell in love with the images and thought, “Why don’t I just paint these?”. But I didn’t want to paint them on tiny canvases. I actually had 48×48” custom gallery wrap canvases made for these paintings. I used oils as my medium, and actually made a tutorial video on my YouTube channel to teach people the painting process for this particular piece.
The process was amazing! I couldn’t wait to work on each section, and had a hard time putting my paint brush down, because it was exhilarating watching it slowly come to life day by day.
Along with my video, I have made it possible for you to purchase my beautiful fine art prints of this piece. With multiple options to choose from, my Pink Peony is perfect for home/office/nursery decorating; a stunning statement for any space. It even looks beautiful year-round. I hope you enjoy!!! 💗

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"Flat White" Frame #83, "Flat White" Frame #84, "white" Frame #85, "White" Frame #87, Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Print Only, Unframed

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12×12, 20×20, 30×30, 38×38, 40×40, 8×8

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Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Giclee' Canvas Mounted, Giclee' Canvas Rolled, Litho Photo Print