Dance Mom Life

Along with being an artist, I’m also a busy mom of four kids. I spend a lot of time running them to soccer, dance, piano, etc. It’s a busy life! My three girls are ballerinas, and because I travel far each day to their studio, I have a lot of waiting time! I use that time to work; editing my YouTube art time lapses and managing my website. People always tell me that I’m crazy for driving them the long distance each day, but the truth is, I really enjoy leaving the house and driving across the valley. Our Utah mountains are stunning, and I love the ever-changing scenery with each passing season. And when we arrive, I can buckle down without distraction and work while my girls happily dance. It’s a win-win!

Why I Created This Painting

One day, while waiting for my girls to dance, their director approached me about their upcoming show. She mentioned how they were planning to incorporate an “Art” theme, and asked me to paint one of my daughters in a costume she and her class would be wearing for the production. The painting would then be projected on a screen behind the dancers during their performance. I was thrilled! I love challenges, and although I had a difficult task ahead, I knew that the end result would be worth it.

The Painting Process

Unfortunately, when asked to do this painting, the warm weather was over, and winter was well on it’s way. I watched the weather forecast daily for any indication that we might get lucky and have one good day! I chose the location, and was notified that a 50 degree Saturday was fast approaching. I immediately called the photographer, and got that day scheduled. When Saturday arrived, I got my daughter dolled up and ready. We drove to the shore of Utah Lake only to find the wind blowing out of control. A cold front was coming in, and unfortunately, the warm weather didn’t happen. My poor daughter had to pose in freezing wind, and she was not happy about it. Her face indicated her pain in every single photo taken, except one. And that was our lucky winner! The scene with Mount Timpanogos in the background with the one good arabesque, and pleasant facial expression was enough to make my heart happy! I loved the blues and purples in the photo, and looked forward to starting the painting.

Luckily, the painting process went smoothly. Usually, when sketching my figures, I erase my faces four or five times before I’m completely satisfied, but I got my daughter’s face right the first time, and the process was a breeze.That rarely happens! It was one of those paintings that I looked forward to working on each day, and making the time lapse video was just as fun. My son even created the music for my video time lapse.

Naming the Painting

When it came time to name my painting, the word “serenity” kept popping into my mind because the expression on my daughter’s face was calm and sweet. The painting conveys a feeling of peace. I combined the two and came up with, “Sweet Serenity”. I love including my family in my work. Although my kids might not completely appreciate it now, I know that when they are grown and have these paintings and videos to cherish for a lifetime, it will all be worth it. I’m truly grateful for my gift as an artist, and that I can continue to share my talent with others throughout my life. I hope you feel the joy that I felt when creating this work of art as you watch my time lapse video. Enjoy!